Herdsmen My country’s plague Killing for no just cause Choosing Cows over human lives You’re doomed! Are we really debating this That for Cattle, humans should cease? Our sons and daughters blood Stream our lands like a flood Whilst we sleep and this vice increase |byronstage|


I know you seek a published book So you can judge by it’s cover I am but a rim of raw sheets Yet with space nuff to ink your dreams Again I know you fail to see That my sheets are filled with margins What else do you seek from man More than spaces to…


In that typical African home where I grew alone with dad who always reminded me that black meant tough that all those soft parenting I saw on TV screens were just examples of what we called film tricks Releasing echoing slaps and strange kicks that made falling from a tall Tree feel like a Child’s…


All things are metaphors describing Life; Choose one metaphor and make it alive. |byronStage|


I am afraid of getting old. When the grave will begin to brew her cold, Til pretty momories be laced with ghosts.   I am afraid of getting old. When pleasures soon will lose it’s frenzy taste, And life’s aesthetics dim my glory days.   I am afraid of getting old. When existence becomes loop…


I make friends like liquid stored in a sieve, Keep the flawed and let the perfect excused, To dodge that slick pride that sips in deceit. Friendship ain’t a band of perfect species, It is a Ship with her whole crew unclad, Seeing their naked and sewing their stitches, For what is friendship without sheer…


I thought she’ll stand by me to fight my fears;
But her presence ere is as good as dead;
Unreal are the dreams about both of us,
They only exist in my seat of mind.
Now I’ll face my world with a dying wish;
Alone I launch into this war unknown;
Life and Love, today thou hast ceased to glow;
Mark this date, the day I bury your lamp.


I have grown beyond friends of mere delight, Beyond lovers of touch and thrifty thrills; Nay, my life lacks the strength to bear such flight. I travel this destiny not on wheels; To soar so high, excess baggage must burn Of clumsy links that saps away man’s will. To reach the sky, one need to…


HIDDEN That talent which is within thee still canned, Of which you fear to let your pores secrete; What, will thou duck from the mockery of man, And let life with sorrow welcome your greet? You’ll prefer to grow with taunting sadness, Of gifts suppressed and life full of rawness? Because aside the package of…


Everyone needs mentoring Everyone needs a clique Everyone needs a community Cos everyone cannot be every in one But choose these in relation to  your dreams                                                          …


JEALOUS OF NATURE The rains and the wind and the sounds Look how they touch you without a permit And yet you flinch like a flirt to their touch   See how you get drenched by the uninvited drizzles And shiver in her cold as you seek for warmth Yet you run with laughs to…


You are designed this way for a purpose. Find it. Achieve it. Be inspired!