JEALOUS OF NATURE The rains and the wind and the sounds Look how they touch you without a permit And yet you flinch like a flirt to their touch   See how you get drenched by the uninvited drizzles And shiver in her cold as you seek for warmth Yet you run with laughs to…


You are designed this way for a purpose. Find it. Achieve it. Be inspired!


Dust to dust Ashes to ashes So you would lay ere to rust And drench moist on our eyelashes   No longer curve those lips to smile And disapprove my wrongs with silent frown The preacher said you’d gone for a while That we will meet when our trumpet sounds   Now I stare at…


They say: “A true love story never ends”.
I wonder how true that is.


On water I want to float Till my life’s rhythm blends with nature’s tunes Float away from the blues of love Sail away from the mournful acapella Far away from religious hymns Just wanna breathe in nature’s jazz… Alone. |ByronStage|

GRACEFUL (sonnet)

GRACEful  (Sonnet by BYRON STAGE) From the well of thy mother’s womb, Thou was fetched with careful hands; Raised thru thorns and garden lands, Til thou ripened into womanhood. From the scars of thy lovers wounds, Thou hast struck Life’s hostile strands And braced us men as evil brands; Yet, in love’s nest you still…


To Jane,
Whose innocence was robbed and dashed to the grave.


Sometimes, we need not think of something to write; Yet, we write on something we think; If no one hears our whispering thoughts; Someone may read our whimpering words; At least, in the end… Someone will know and feel our heart beat. From the moving letters across the page’s street; To the halts at every…

Life & Dreams

Dreaming and living are different Dreams are more elastic than Life They expand at a faster pace than life itself Do not mistake living for dreaming You should dream above your means But live within your means.   Dreams never end, but living does The healthiest life is the one whose living aligns with his…