To that lecturer

who thinks he can always pry his pen

into the private diary of every lady’s cleft.

You came as a friend;

But she was so pure to see;

To see the missing ‘r’ in the ‘friend’;

Of course she knew you to be a Fiend;

So, your tricks couldn’t work;

Even your lures couldn’t cope;

And then, you resulted to ceaseless threats.

Right there in your office,

She didn’t mind bagging an ‘F’,

Cos she was so sure of herself,

But-you didn’t let your door smell her feet;

To you, this has become a battle she can’t defeat;

For it’s been you who had always won and thrown a feast,

And this won’t be any more different.

Then, your friend helped you steam that old noisy Generator,

So her cry for help will stray in the noise;

And that broad table you kept for your whore

Will now become the altar to wound this virgin loins.

All your masculinity could do

Was to nail her with your palms and knees;

You drained her of all her strength

Until all she had left were jaded whispers of plea;

“Please sir, I’ve never done this before”

How inhumane could you be?

That your response was a promise of fun;

“If you don’t fight, you’ll be fine”

These are the embers of words you could conjure

From all the alphabets that rest within your tongue!

Then you raised her gown;

And pressed your weight.

Like a blind man’s stick,

You sent your hands trawling though her inside

Until you ripped her underpants;

Did you not see that she was in her flow?

But No! You went further!

Like you were the Moses to her red sea.

You defiled her vow as you ruptured her hymen.

Blinding your heart to the Villain you’ve become;

Her sobs went unheard;

Her cry was futile;

The stabbing shots of pains dropped her thoughtless;

As you ironed her like a rumpled sheet with so much brunt

Until you juddered yourself to ecstasy.

My distressed Jane mumbled some leftover words thru the phone to me.

I raced out to meet her at her place.

Here is her place…

replaced by a gravestone.

she was so lost in thoughts unclean,

She didn’t know she was crossing the expressway

when the traffic lights had already turned green.

I wish I was in school that fateful day.



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